Pigs vs Aliens


If you have spent any amount of time around young kids, you know that they can have imaginations that can run rampant.  As I father, I have to say that I have been amazed and entertained, a lot, by my younger son’s very vivid imagination.

When he was five, he had an imaginary pet pig.  Why he choose a pig, we have never known.  Needless to say, he named him aptly enough “Piggy”.

Piggy would follow him around the house and they would play in his room.  I was never sure,  but I think he even went to school with him a few times.

Piggy never caused any problems.  Heck,  he was easy to care for.  Until one day trouble came knocking because of Piggy.

One evening J.T. was in his room playing when all of a sudden, we heard a commotion, sounds of make believe combat coming from his room.  Suddenly, J.T. came flying out of his room acting like he had been thrown out.

“J.T. what’s going on?” We asked.

“The aliens are trying to steal Piggy!”  He explained. “I”ll save you Piggy!” he called out as he went head long back into his room to lay into the enemy trying to steal his pet pig.

The ruckus continued until finally J.T. emerged from his room to inform us that all was well with the world and he had driven off the aliens and saving his precious pet pig.

It is amazing to watch your kids grow up and see their creativity at work with their imaginations.  It is even more entertaining when it can bring a smile to your face or a laugh.

Oh, by the way, if you ever have need of rescue from aliens trying to steal your pet pig, just let us know. J.T. is an expert.

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