I started this site because as I get older and as my kids get older, there are so many stories and observations on life that may be forgotten overtime.  I have also found myself both amused and amazed by my kids. Yes, there are frustrating times, as any parent knows, but there are so many little gems that make us as adults just appreciate not only our kids, but life as well.  I have even found myself learning some life lessons from my kids or through their eyes as they experience life and growing up.

To maybe understand why I am so amazed about being a father and amazed by my kids, it might help to know a little about my journey to fatherhood.

I became a first-time father later in life than most men. When my wife and I got married, I was 28 yrs old. This was my second marriage; no children from my first marriage. Not long after we had gotten married, she got pregnant. Unfortunately, she had complications and the baby went into fetal distress at 21 weeks and had to be delivered by emergency C-section in an attempt to save him.  He passed away the next day and his name was Maclin.  For the longest time, it was hard to come to grips with this.  At times of tragedy we often get angry with God, question Him, all wanting to know WHY something like this is allowed to happen.  For many, they never to get to know the “Why”; however, for us God let us know what Maclin’s purpose in life had been.  We weren’t ready to be parents yet, but Maclin’s short life was God’s way of letting us know – when the time is right, we would have children.  When we had gotten married, we had doubts if we ever would have children. I had none from my first marriage (I had even had some testing done that came back saying I would have difficulties because of low counts) and she had not had any from her first marriage.

It wasn’t until 5 years later that our second son would be born. Today, he is a teenager starting High School.  5 years after he was born, our third son was born. Today he is in elementary school. So, I now find myself almost 50 years old and the father of two boys still in their youth while many of my peers have kids graduating college.  But I think I have been a better father for it.

I hope you enjoy some of my ramblings and thoughts on life as observed through my kids eyes and through my own watching them grow.

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