Kids and Chocolate Milk

There are times when a child’s reaction to something is just hilarious,  especially if  it is something that most of us would be miserable over.

When my youngest son was about 3 yrs old, there was one day that he wasn’t feeling quite up to snuff.  He was having a little bit of digestive difficulties that required him to make numerous trips to the bathroom; sometimes not quite making it in time.  Now, I know this may seem like, “Yuck, who wants to talk about a kid having diarrhea!” Normally, this isn’t a topic that I would deem worth talking about.  However, as can often happen at times, a kid’s observations can be pretty funny.

During one his first trips, he all of a sudden called out, “Mom, come here!” I happened to be at work, so wasn’t witness to this spectacle of observation through a kids eyes, or their sense of humor.  My wife related this to me when I got home, and it was just as funny.

So, my wife headed to the restroom to find our 3 yr old sitting on the pot when he exclaimed to her in a very amazed voice, “Mom, I can shoot chocolate milk out of my butt!”  She told me she lost it and he just laughed. I laughed just as hard when she retold the story to me.

What I found amazing out of this story is how, during a time of not feeling well and having to deal with this ailment for the first time, my son still managed to view this event with some degree of wonder and humor.  A key lesson to take away from this that I was reminded of by my son; sometimes when things seem pretty bad, find the humor in the situation and a good laugh can help deal with it.




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Kids Inspire

One of the many things I have learned as a father is that your own kids can be an inspiration to you as well. It is often the little moments that can have an impact on you as a father if you are open to seeing them.

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